Merpati Employees Stage Protest at Ministry Office

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Some 300 employees of state-owned airline Merpati Nusantara from across the country rallied in front of the Finance Ministry building, Wednesday, August 13. They demanded the government to help pay their salaries as well as their other entitlements, which have not been paid for eight months.

    The protesters' coordinator Iyan Zulhadi said they also demand clarity over the resolutions Merpati's troubles.  

    In addition to the payment of salaries and allowances, Merpati employees asked the government to restructure and revitalize the airline. Alternatively, Iyan said, the government must soon decide the fate of the carrier; whether to keep its operations or shut it down.

    The government is still reviewing the best scenarios to save Merpati from defaulting. The airline has been grounded since it announced that it could not pay its Rp6.7 trillion debt to the government, SOEs and private creditors.

    Despite the ongoing discussion, several parties are urging for the state airliner to shut down.

    On Thursday, August 14, Merpati employees plan to rally at the office of the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry.