Chinese Billionaire Feeds Homeless

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Plenty of wealth and property does not make Chen Guangbiao reluctant in helping the needy.  The entrepreneur and billionaire feed hundreds of homeless people in the city of New York, United States, in a luxury restaurant in Central Park.

    Chen said to Reuters on Wednesday, June 25 2014, that if we are blessed with good wealth, there are ways in knowing how to share with other people.

    Hundreds of homeless sits in a round table covered with white table cloth. The foods served during the feast are also classy, from seared tuna to filet mignon. Chen also entertained them by singing the song "We Are The World" which was greeted with an ovation. Chen said that they are one big family.

    The homeless people thanked Chen for his kindness.  Because for the homeless, eating luxury foods on a wonderful table is just a dream. Others claimed that Chen, who is interested in buyin the New York Times, did it because he has a particular purpose.