Pope Francis Baptizes Baby of Unmarried Couple

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  • Pope Francis. AP/Stefano Rellandini, Pool

    Pope Francis. AP/Stefano Rellandini, Pool

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - For the first time in history, Pope Francis baptized the child of an unmarried couple in a ceremony at the Sistine Chapel, in Rome. The unnamed parents and their child took part in the traditional Baptism Of The Lord mass with 31 others, in the commemoration of the day Saint John baptized Jesus.

    "The Pope has previously spoken out to encourage priests to baptize the children of unmarried women in order to pass on the Christian faith, calling those who refuse 'hypocrites'," Mail Online wrote.

    According to Pope Francis, as cited by Vatican Network, the baptism is necessary as it passes the chain of faith. Earlier on September 2013, the pontiff telephoned an Italian woman to tell her that he would personally baptize her child after she became pregnant by a man who was already married.