Russia Discovers Bacteria Contaminated Beef

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  • TEMPO.CO, Mozcow – Russia imposed a partial import ban on meat imported from Paraguay following recent discovery of bacterial contamination. Prensa Latina news agency, quoting sources from the Russian government, stated that the government will freeze meat import from six Paraguayan exporters accounting for a total of 76 percent of meat imports from the South American Country.

    Head of the Russia National Animal Quality and Health Services Hugo Idoyaga, confirmed the report and said that an investigation will be carried out.

    Discovery of the contaminated beef in Vladivostok, eastern Russia was revealed after a laboratory test showed that the meat was full with E. coli bacteria.

    Russian animal quarantine official Vitaliy Salenko, stated that the rest of the contaminated meat will be shipped back to Paraguay. The government also continue to look for any contaminated meat that has already been distributed in the markets.