Japanese Investor Promises Long-Term Investment

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  • Indonesia Primadona Investasi Pengusaha Jepang

    Indonesia Primadona Investasi Pengusaha Jepang

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - IHI Corporation, an investor company from Japan, considered Indonesia as a good investment market that possesses a promising investment climate. IHI saw Indonesia as a prospective target for business expansion. The company believed that it will be able to estabish a long-term business commitment in Indonesia.

    IHI President and CEO Tamotsu Saito, said that there are several reasons that indicate Indonesia's importance for his company.

    "Indonesia has a lot of fundamental things to support sustainable economic growth such as a promising demography, high number of workers, and abundant natural resources," he said on Wednesday, November 20.

    He also believed that his company is capable of making contributions to Indonesia by providing solutions to fulfill the country's needs and to optimize any potential for development.

    IHI business activites in Indonesia are conducted by three subsidiaries: IHI Transport Machinery Indonesia, IHI Gasification Indonesia, and Cilegon Fabricators. The company covers three business sectors, namely energy, infrastructure, and industrial equipment.