Labors Rally over Minimum Wage in Bekasi

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  • Labors in demonstration

    Labors in demonstration

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bekasi saw a great deal of labor strike yesterday as thousands flocked the Regency Office, causing the administration to fail performing. The flock of labors waged protest, demanding an increase on minimum wage (UMK).

    Chief of Bekasi Salary Council Effendi, stated that UMK discussion is yet to result in a definite number as there was a disagrrement between the labors and entrepreneurs. Labor union in Bekasi proposed UMK that ranges from Rp3,440,842 to Rp2,924,716. Meanwhile, Indonesia Entrepreneur Association in Bekasi stated to be able to fulfill only up to Rp2,302,300.

    The association's secretary Agus Setiawan stated that that Bekasi UMK must be submitted to West Java governor before deadline at November 21. "Most likely, it will be decided to a voting. Just like last year," he added. "Eventhough we never won in such mechanism."

    Similar case also occurred in Tangerang in a meeting discussing proper living standard (KHL) components, which also caused the city administration to cripple Abdul Gani, labor representatives in Tangerang, mentioned that the labors proposed Rp2.9 million KHL, while entrepreneurs agreed to Rp2.2 million.