Thursday, 27 February 2020

Beware, Even Toilets Explode

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    TEMPO.CO, New York - Michel Pierre needs 30 stitches all over his body after the toilet in his Brooklyn apartment exploded. The explosion happened when he pulled the handle to test the water pressure on the toilet.

    After that incident, the 58-year-old IT specialist is suffering from trauma that he now uses a long rope to pull the toilet handle from behind the bathroom door in a safe distance.

    "Clearly toilets are supposed to flush, not explode," said Rubenstein, Pierre's lawyer, who is set to file a lawsuit against the apartment management. He said three other tenants were also injured by what the Daily News dubbed as "the porcelain bomb."

    Pierre was reported to have been briefly knocked unconscious and covered in blood by the explosion early this month. "It sounds silly but I'm still scared," Pierre said. To date, the management of the building company has yet to release any statement.

    "The only conclusion anybody has reached - and they're still investigating - is that there was a build-up of air pressure in the pipes so that when it came back on, the pressure was just pushed through the pipe and caused the explosion," said Theresa Racht, a lawyer for the co-op board as she told AFP.