Ragunan Sports School in Misery

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  • The historic Ragunan Sports School

    The historic Ragunan Sports School

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Archer Hanif Wijaya, the silver medalist at National Sports Week (POPNAS) and gold medalist at International Sports School Games (ISSG), was heading to his school. Carrying a bow-set worth Rp 30 million, Hanif told his story of the old building, Ragunan Sports School.

    The school was founded in 1976, and amid the fading glory, several athletes are keen to get their education here. There are over 526 students in a building of 1,800 square meter.

    Student Administrator of Ragunan Sport School Mulyadi said Hanif and some other athletes have bright achievements. However, he regretted that the shining talents were no match with the school facility.

    Isnanta, Assistant to Deputy of Sport Center Unit at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said the Hambalang Sports School case has put around 210 junior athletes into Ragunan Sports School. "We were awaiting Hambalang," Isnanta added.

    According to him, the current situation at Ragunan could not suffice the students in terms of capacity. The students often used the mosque to replace class rooms.

    The school now initiates a new construction to replace the aging building, according to Mulyadi. However, the project seems to be at halt with construction material piling at all corners.

    "The ministry can only help for the training," said Isnanta. "Based on the signed MoU in 1998, the ministry cannot conduct revitalization and repair as it belongs to the city administration."

    Ratiyono, Chief of Jakarta Youth and Sport Agency said the school will be renovated. There is a Rp650 billion budget allocation for the school, he said. "The building later will fit international standard and should be finished by 2016."