Baby Killed by Airport Baggage Carousel

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  • Airport illustration REUTERS/Alex Domanski

    Airport illustration REUTERS/Alex Domanski

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A conveyer belt of a baggage carousel killed a 5-month-old baby at Alicante airport, Spain. The cause of the incident was still under investigation.

    A spokeswoman for Spain's airport authority, AENA, said the conveyor belt was not moving when his mother placed him on it. However, it started moving and the baby's head was crushed by the conveyer belt.

    The infant's mother, an American woman, arrived at the airport late Wednesday on a flight from London's Gatwick airport with her baby and another young child, the spokeswoman said. The father, who is Canadian, was already there waiting at the Alicante airport, she added.

    A security officer at the airport told CNN affiliate Atlas she didn't see the incident, but was told that "the mother apparently put (the baby) down on the conveyer belt when she went to reach for something. "She came back and shocked. The conveyor belt has killed her baby," she said.

    The baby reportedly suffered from head bleeding. Airport medical personnel rushed to the scene and pronounced the baby dead.

    The spokesperson said that the size of the baby might have automatically activated the conveyor belt. Spanish newspaper El Pais reported the family had come to the Alicante area, on Spain's Mediterranean coast, for vacation.

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