Japan to Establish Internet Addiction Camps

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  • TEMPO.CO, Tokyo - Japan is planning to introduce an educational internet 'fasting' camps that will help children to overcome their addiction to the online world. The country decides to initiate the plan because more than 500,000 Japanese children between the ages of 12 and 18 are believed to be addicted to the internet.

    The Japanese Education Ministry, however, claimed that the accurate number is yet to be recorded. "It's becoming more and more of a problem," Akifumi Sekine, a spokesman for the ministry, told The Daily Telegraph.

    The Ministry explained that these 'fasting' camps will be held at outdoor learning centers and other public facilities, where children will have no internet access. Children will be encouraged to be involved in outdoor activities and counseling activities.

    Internet addiction is believed to be the main cause of sleep and eating disorders, while in several extreme cases, have led to symptoms of depression and deep vein thrombosis, a disesase that can cause the blood to coagulate.