Cloning John Lennon

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  • John Lennon

    John Lennon

    TEMPO.CO, Edmonton - After starring the news headlines when he bought John Lennon's tooth for about Rp300 million in 2011 from the son of Lennon's former housekeeper, dr. Michael Zuk from Canada is now hoping to clone the late music legend using his DNA from the tooth.

    "If scientists think they can clone mammoth, then John Lennon can also be cloned," said Zuk as reported by Web Orange last Wednesday.

    "Many people will call me crazy, but I think that is fantastic," said Zuk. "I am nervous and excited about the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon’s DNA from his tooth."

    Dr Zuk had launched a project to extract DNA from Lennon's the rotten tooth. In late 1960's, John Lennon's former housekeeper kept the tooth before one of the greatest rock legends was shot dead ten years later.

    The dentist, who had also written a song to honor Lennon’s tooth, established a website for Lennon's fans to keep themselves updated.

    However, scientists are still in great disbelief that mammoth can be cloned, let alone John Lennon.

    "You cannot do any better than bringing back someone who was taken from this world too early," Zuk said.

    He also claims to own one of Elvis Presley's teeth.