Indonesian Coffee Festival 2013 to Be Held in Yogyakarta

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Creative Economy and Tourism will hold an Indonesian Coffee Festival 2013 in Yogyakarta on September 14 to 15. The Ministry will bring out 'Tubruk Coffee, The Local Lifestyle' theme, introducing the unique style of coffee that has been existing in various regions in Indonesia for generations.

    According to Indonesian Coffee Festival Director, Yanthi Tambunan, Indonesia has 14 coffee-producing provinces with different tastes. "The coffee has been the world's consumption but the world has yet to know that they are originated from Indonesia," said Yanthi. The festival director added that the festival will be focused on the developments and market expansion for Arabica coffee, as well as Robusta coffee intensification in local and international markets.

    Indonesia Is the third largest world's coffee producer after Brazil and Vietnam. With 1.3-million-hectare coffee plantations, Indonesian coffee industry has become a priority that keeps developing.

    Deputy Minister of Creative Economy and Tourism, Sapta Nirwandar, said his support to the event that will exhibit Indonesian coffee originating from Aceh to Papua. "The world coffee observers call Wamena coffee as one of the best coffee, in addition to Luwak coffee that is already well-known. In the future, Indonesia must be more courageous to brand other coffee products," said Sapta.

    This festival is the second after a similar one, held in Bali last year. The first festival in Bali attracted  visitors' and buyers' enthusiasms. Many kinds of coffee, namely Gayo from Aceh, Lintong and Mandailing (Sumatra), Toraja Coffee (Sulawesi), Lampung Coffee (Lampung), Java Preanger (Bandung), Coffee Kintamani (Bali), Bajawa Coffee (NTT), and Luwak Coffee, the star, attracted the visitors big time.