Taliban Bans Men from Using Un-Islamic Clothing during Ramadhan

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  • TEMPO.CO, Karachi - According to al-Riyadh, the Pakistani Taliban has a peculiar way of celebrating Ramadhan. The group bans men from wearing tight or see-through clothing during Ramadhan in South Waziristan.

    The group also warned local shops that 'sells thin clothes that do not properly cover the human body' that they will impose a US$500 fine. Moreover, tailors were threatened with kidnapping and violence if they are caught making such un-Islamic clothing for men.

    However, no warnings or threats were issued for women because most of them wear the traditional outfit that covers their entire body known as the burqa.

    Pakistani Taliban at the Afghanistan border had previously warned men wearing tight and thin clothing. In 2011, a group of Pakistani Taliban raided shops in the town of Wana for selling thin and non-respectable clothing.

    "They said it was un-Islamic to wear clothes that don't properly cover the human body," shopkeeper Rahimullah Khan told AFP at the time. A local official in Wana told AFP that the fabrics were then seized and burned by the group.