Sabtu, 15 Desember 2018

Heat Rises at the Milan Fashion Week

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  • TEMPO.CO, Milan – A cloud of anxiety has shadowed the Italian fashion industry last month. Three weeks ago, Burberry, the well-known British house of fashion, followed Alexander McQueen to pack their bags and decided to leave the Milan Fashion Week. A week later, Dolce & Gabanna was declared guilty on a tax evasion case that started three weeks ago.

    These series of misfortune have brought top designers like Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani to feel insecure at the bleaking grace of Milan. Donatella, Vice President of the Versace Group, urged Italian fashion designers to unite, while Armani shouted at them to return to their homeland.

    However, at least 78 designers and top labels remained loyal to present themselves at the event. Although it began with black pairs, as if they tried to signify mourning, 2014 spring and summer collection burst to shout that Milan is stil ahead of Paris, London, and New York.

    Giorgio Armani presented 61 pairs of clothing that - as usual, are dashing. A striking view at the line-up was a caramel-colored motorcycle jacket.

    Meanwhile, Versace decided to jumped in a little brave with silk jacquard pairs, followed by Prada and Gucci that presented colorful clothing that certainly can stir up the heat for next summer.