Reasons Behind South Korea's Rejection of Transfer of Knowledge  

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  • An Indonesian submarine, the Nanggala 402. TEMPO/Fahmi Ali

    An Indonesian submarine, the Nanggala 402. TEMPO/Fahmi Ali

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Defense denied that South Korean government was reluctant to conduct transfer of technology following the purchase agreement of three Changbogo submarines. Rear Admiral Rachmad Lubis, the Head of Defense Facility Section at Defense Ministry, mentioned that South Korea decided to reject a delegation from Indonesia to be involved in manufacturing the submarine because building submarine possesses an extreme degree of risks.

    Rachmad also confirmed that submarine hosts high quality weaponry. Unlike other marine armada, it must be able to dive to 350 meters below sea level with zero-mistake tolerance.

    Moreover, safety factor is one among the reasons behind South Korea's rejection. South Korea claimed that they cannot risk the safety of Indonesian Workers, which can be considered to be inexperienced for such work. The country also refuses to teach Indonesian workers under the reason that training will delay production.