Sale up to 90% at ICS 2013

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  • Indonesian Cellular Show, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta(11/6). TEMPO/Dwianto Wibowo

    Indonesian Cellular Show, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta(11/6). TEMPO/Dwianto Wibowo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Visitors will see an interesting scenery at the Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) 2013 Fair, currently held at Jakarta Convention Center. Mobile phone operators, vendors, and distributors were competing to sell their products with various bonuses and discounts.

    While discounts offers in the range of 20-70 percent is a common thing, there was a much more attractive offer in the fair. Lots of visitors were squeezed in a booth not too big, merely around 2x3 meters. Tempo’s investigation discovered that the booth was conducting a clearance sale of some of its mobile phone products with a discount up to 90 percent.

    On a banner showcased at the booth, the clearance sale was held by PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk. The clearance sale, offering Blackberry phones, Nokia, Sony, and HTC products, only began to start at 11.00.

    The products discounted up to 90 percent come from old supplies previously kept in the warehouse which were still in good condition.

    A visitor, Bambang (40), was interested in Trikomsel booth for the discount offer. After checking out the products, he decided to buy a HTC S730 mobile hone sold at Rp 350,000 (US$ 35.35), or many times cheaper than the original price, supposedly Rp 2,000,000.

    He was not concerned about the product’s condition. "Well, let’s just see how long it will last. I do realize this is a cheap phone. However, if the price was expensive, I would also have thought twice before purchasing this phone,"  said Bambang, Thursday.

    Bambang, having owned two cellphones, is not particularly concerned about brands. He bought the mobile phone based on his needs and its price.