When Your Mobile Phone Is Closer Than Your Partner

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  • TEMPO.CO, London - The average smartphone users tend to spend two hours (119 minutes) a day using their gadget. Yet, the amount of time we spend with our partner per day is just 97 minutes on average, according to a finding from a research carried by O2, a British communication provider and electronics company Samsung.

    Smartphones are getting smarter all the time with huge leaps being made in technology, said David Johnson, from O2, as quoted by Daily Mail, Thursday, 30 May. From the research, it was found that the British spend 24 minutes on average to browsing the Internet, 16 minutes checking social networks, 15 minutes listening to music and 13 minutes playing games.

    Surprisingly, using our smartphones to make calls (13 mins) and send texts (11 mins) are the fifth and sixth most used functions on our mobiles, although the function to make calls rose by 12 percent as opposed to last year, while the function to send text rose by 12 percent.

    The study involved 2,000 English adults. According to Johnson, the study also shows that smartphones are replacing many household objects, such as alarm. As many as 57 percent  admit they have no use for an alarm clock anymore. Meanwhile, half of them no longer put on a watch as they rely on their mobile to tell the time, and 46 percent use only their phone to take photographs.

    "We're seeing a new generation of phones that are easily operated by their users and have truly become home entertainment devices," Johnson said. However, the study shows that we are now spending more time glued to the screen rather than gazing into our partners' eyes.

    Mobile phones have made our life easier in many aspects, yet it should not mean that their presence has reduced our time to be with our loved ones.