Using Handsfree Devices, As Dangerous As Using Cellphones

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    TEMPO.CO, Ottawa - The use of hands-free devices has allowed drivers to phone while driving. Using hands-free devices is considered a normal alternative to escape from the government’s rule of prohibiting the use of cellphones while behind the wheel.

    However, a recent study in Canada showed that driving while using hands-free devices is significantly more dangerous than not receiving phone calls at all. This concludes that using hands-free devices is as dangerous as using cellphones, debunking the common perception that it is safer than holding a phone to the ears.

    "A new study found that drivers using a hands-free phone made significantly more errors - such as crossing a center line, speeding, or changing lanes without indicating first - compared to those not using a phone," Daily Mail wrote on Tuesday.

    A study led by Professor Yagesh Bhambhani from the University of Alberta in Canada, exhibited that the jump in errors is also connected with the increase in heart pace and brain activity when engaging in conversations.

    The researchers observed the brain activities of 26 participants that were asked to drive using a driving simulator. The first participants were tested in a 'controlled' state of mind—where they operated the driving simulators through virtual streets while not using telecommunication devices. They were then tested for the second time while asked to speak using a hands-free device. The researchers discovered a significant increase in the brain’s activity while talking on a hands-free device compared to when in a state of 'control'.

    Prof Bhambani said "The findings also indicated that blood flowing to the brain is significantly increasing during hands-free telecommunication in order to meet the oxygen demands of the neurons under the "distracted" condition". So, do you still dare putting yourself and others at risk just because you insist on engaging in a call while driving?