Flickr Provides 1 terabyte of Data Storage

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    Yahoo has increased a free storage data up to 1 terabyte for Flickr users. Since Yahoo bought Flickr, the company has been trying to win visitors’ interests to the online photo-sharing community site. The free storage room offered by Yahoo has attracted developers to see Flickr as a storage source of photo files as well as other files, including PNG. formatted file images. 

    “The ability to store files on Flickr by inserting Ruby code was more of an academic exercise than anything. The code system is also, unfortunately, a bit slow. There needs to be a lot of room for improvement," said Ryan LeFevre, the developer that posted Ruby code for GitHub. GitHub is the name for file storage in Flickr.

    With its new 1 terabyte capacity, Flickr users will be able to store more than 500,000 photos taken at 6,5 megapixels, the average size of photos snapped through smartphone cameras.

    LeFevre, in an email stated that another developer, Ricardo Tomasi was in the process of executing a similar project at the time he launched his code application in Flickr. 

    However, LeFevre does not recommend anyone to use his code to store important files. The Flickr storage code requires a Flickr API account, although it remains to be seen whether the code matches the terms and regulations of Flickr and Flickr API.

    The site Informationweek wrote that a representative from Flickr has yet given a further response to this development. "I'm sure they frown upon it, but they said you cannot upload anything that interferes with the services and I don't believe it does," he said, indicating that there are unclear regulations from the Flickr service about his discovery.

    The re-design of Flickr is part of Yahoo’s effort to regain its long-lost fame. According to Markus Spiering, Head of Product of Flickr, Flickr’s Home Page, Feed Activity, Photostreams, and Sets had been redesigned. Slideshows, searches and social features also have been improved, and facial-recognition capabilities have been added to simplify photo organization. There's even a new Android app for Flickr in the Google Play store.