Most Expensive Toyota Car Sold at US$ 1,2 million in an Auction

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  • TEMPO.CO, California - What is Toyota’s most expensive car? It turns out that it is not the latest model. Toyota 2000 GT, a rather old model was sold at US$ 1,2 million by a Canadian auction House, RM Auctions, to a Californian buyer. Only 351 known units of this model were produced.

    The 45-year old coupe was designed to compete with Jaguar Type E. With a 2.0-liter, six-cylinder engine, the car could take its two passengers to reach top speeds of 217 kph.

    Toyota sold the car at US$ 7,000 when it was released for the first time. It was more expensive than Porsche 911 and Jaguar Type E, yet a fair price in relation to its performance. The Road and Track magazine reviewed the car as one of the most interesting and fun cars to drive.

    As rare as the car is, only 62 units shipped outside Japan. It is now dubbed a collector’s item.

    2000 GT has some records in the racetrack. In the 1966 Japan Grand Prix, the coupe came as second runner-up. It championed the 24-Hour Fuji Race. Another interesting fact is that Toyota built two special convertible versions for Sean Connery, when he starred in the movie You Only Live Twice. Connery’s tall stature made it difficult for the James Bond star to enter sedans.