Google Offers Free Storage Amounting to 15GB

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Google offers its users free storage amounting to 15GB for three platforms: Gmail, Google+, and Drive. "Life gets a bit easier when your Google products work well together — whether it's inserting a Drive file into emails or sharing photos from Google Drive on Google+. As this experience becomes more seamless, separate storage doesn’t make as much sense anymore," Clay Bavo, Google’s Director of Product Management said in a blog post announcing the change.

    Google users are free to store whatever and wherever they want with this new consolidated storage space. Theoretically, users have 15GB of files in Gmail, but there will be no storage otherwise. Of course users can also have 5GB in Gmail, 9GB in Google Drive, and some of their social photos in Google+.

    Google previously set a free storage limit of up to 10GB in Gmail and 5GB in Google+ and Google Drive. Users cannot upgrade their Gmail storage in excess of 25GB. With last Monday’s announcement, these limitations would be no more.

    The latest update to Google Drive storage page has a pie chart detailing users' personal storage over every platform, and offers ease of access to purchase more date. For example, users may upgrade to 100GB for US$ 4.99 per month.