North Korea Condemns US-South Korea Joint Naval Exercise

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - North Korea condemned the arrival of United States nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, in South Korea for joint exercise. Kim Jong-un called it as a reckless provocation and a war preparation against North Korea.

    Yoinhap, South Korean news office, stated that the joint training is to be held in South Korean Easy Coast this Monday and Tuesday. USS Nimitz, a 97,000 tons ship and one of the biggest warship in the planet, will be participating in the “search and rescue” and “sea maneuver” operation in Korean gulf, said a source in Korean Department of Defense.
    North Korean Committee for Korean Peace Reunification called the US Armada arrival as a "heavy military provocation" that will dramatically increase the tension in the area.

    "Naval joint exercise involving new weapons, including nuclear powered aircraft carrier, is a reckless provocation and showing that the effort to strike has reached to a reckless level," said the Committee as released by KCNA, North Korean News Agency. "The risk of nuclear war in the gulf has elevated because of the nuclear war exercise by US and the enemy from the south."

    The military tension in the gulf has increased for months, following the series of threat from North Korea to its Southern Neighbor and US. It was previously triggered by United Nation Security Council resolution, imposing ban to North Korea for conducting missile test.

    Huffington Post | Abdul Manan