Having Good Colleagues Reduces Diabetes Risks

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Dr. Sharon Toker, a researcher at Tel Aviv University, Israel found a new theory that people working with full of pressure among unfriendly colleagues are likely to suffer from diabetes type 2. Toker found the symptoms even in healthy-looking office workers.

    Quoted from Daily Mail, Saturday, a research showed a worker with supportive colleagues is likely to have a smaller chance of 22% from suffering from diabetes type 2.

    Toker studied 5,843 people visiting Tel Aviv Health Center for medical check-ups. All participants were in good health initially and did not show any diabetes symptoms.

    He then followed their developments in 41 months and found that 182 participants had diabetes type 2. He compared the participants with their working condition. A result showed that supporting colleagues have a great protection influence to the risk of getting diabetes.

    Toker said the research proved the longer someone stays at his/her work place, the bigger chance it is to catch the disease. However, reducing work-load is not an answer as people need to be challenged to find satisfaction at work.

    In his opinion, the best way a boss should do is to ensure the workers to feel protected, appreciated and have enough support.