Google Chrome Dominates Browser Market

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Many technology giants compete to dominate the browser market: Google with Chrome, Apple with Safari, Microsoft with Internet Explorer, and many other browsers.

    According to a research conducted by StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool, by the end of April, Google Chrome dominated the competition as the most favored browser used by 39,21 percent of the world internet users, followed by Internet Explorer with 29,69 percent, Firefox with 20,05 percent, Safari with 7,99 percent, and Opera with only 1 percent. The rest 2 percent of the market are shared by other browsers.

    On mobile devices, Google still maintain its domination through Android, which constitutes 30,96% of the market followed by Opera Mini and Opera Mobile with 15,35 percent, UC Browser 8,74 percent, and Nokia 7,03 percent.