Soft Drink Increases Risk of Diabetes

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  • TEMPO.COLondon – Recently, research revealed that daily consumption of sweet soft drink increases the risk of diabetes. European Scientists explained in Diabetologia Journal that consuming one can of soft drink can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes (also known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) by one fifth.

    The research was conducted in England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and Dutch. Around 350,000 people were asked about their diet, in relation to cancer study.

    Dora Romaguera from Imperial College London said that "looking at the increase of sugar-sweetened drink in Europe, a clear message on its effect must be informed."

    The risk of diabetes is highly related to artificial sweetener used in soft drink, which some believed that the risk may be averted by carefully calculating body mass index (BMI).

    Dr. Matthew Hobbs, the chief researcher from Diabetes UK, said that despite careful calculation of BMI, risk of contracting diabetes cannot be completely averted and does not depend solely on calories.

    Hobbs further said that "we indeed recommend the limitation of sweet food and drink consumption because they are usually of high calories and causing overweight."

    Meanwhile, in response to the research, Gavin Partington, the Directorate General of British Soft Drinks Association, claimed that "soft drinks are safe to consume, but like all food and beverages, they must be consumed moderately as a part of a balanced diet."