Thursday, 27 February 2020

US Assesses Syrian Chemical Weapon

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  • TEMPO.COWashington - Chuck Hagel, United States Defense Ministry, said that the United States and its allies are currently on the process of assessing a report that states that Syria used chemical weapon in the civil war against its people.

    "We will continue to conduct assessment of what happened (in Syria), when, and where," said Hagel, on Monday, April 29.

    "I believe we have to wait until we receive some facts from the field before taking action. If proven (chemical weapon use), then we will come into action," he continued

    Speaking to the press in Pentagon, Hagel refused to provide any information regarding the options that are available for the US military, including the possibility to assemble a sizeable force to fight the Syrian regime.

    Last week, President Barack Obama said that the Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that the Syrian government is suspected to use a small scale of chemical weapon to fight the Syrian rebel.