Syrian Prime Minister Survives Bomb Attack

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  • Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al Halqi.

    Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al Halqi.

    TEMPO.CO, Damascus-Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi survived a bomb attack. Al Manar, a governmental television channel, reported that the bomb targeted his motorcade in Damascus on Monday, April 29.

    "The terrorist explosion in al-Mezze was an attempt to target the prime minister's motorcade. Doctor Wael al-Halqi is well and not injured at all," the state television reported.

    Earlier, it was reported that a “terrorist explosion” has occured in Mezze district, where many governmental and military offices are located.

    A photo uploaded by Syrian opposition activist showed a plume of thick black smoke towering into the sky that was claimed as the explosion. Syria Observatory for Human Rights stated that the explosion killed at least one person.