US Citizen Suspected for Conspiracy

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  • Timothy Hallett Tracy. AP

    Timothy Hallett Tracy. AP

    TEMPO.CO, Caracas – The Venezuelan government officialy filed a charge against Timothy Hallet Tracy for spying on the country to a court in Caracas. According to Costa Rica News on April 28, the American movie maker was suspected of being a spy for the United States.

    Timothy Hallet Tracy was alleged for committing an act of conspiracy and using fake documents. He was arrested on Wednesday and will be detained for 45 days while the judge assesses the allegations put against him.

    Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres stated that Tracy funded a student protest after the presidential election on April 14, which was won by Nicholas Maduro, yet was disputed by Henrique Chapriles.

    The protest killed nine people and injured many others.

    Meanwhile, a friend of Tracy stated that Tracy was working on a documentary in Venezuela. The US government also insisted that he is innocent.

    William Ostick, spokesperson for the US Department of State, stated that Tracy is not working for the US government. US officials in Caracas has been trying to get access to Tracy.

    “The Venezuelan government did not respond to the request,” said Ostick.