Iran Nuclear Talks About to Take Place

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  • TEMPO.CODubai –ISNA, Iranian media, on Sunday reported that Iran, together with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is planning to hold a meeting regarding the Teheran Nuclear Program on May 21 in Vienna.

    The meeting is planned to take place before IAEA releases its quarterly report on Iranian Nuclear Program, and before an IAEA meeting on Iran's nuclear dispute scheduled on June .

    A Western diplomat in Vienna said that the meeting may not be any better compared to previous rounds.

    "We have seen this game before," the diplomat said upon criticizing Iran. "Iran seems to not have the intention for a real dialogue... they intend to maintain the illusion of improvement to escape from harsh response from the international society."

    Speaking in Geneva on Monday, Jacek Bylica, the European Union Nuclear Non-Proliferation Official, said that the European Union is “deeply concerned” about Iranian Nuclear Program.

    "Our goal is to reach a comprehensive long-term solution, which will restore international trust to the peaceful nature of Iranian Nuclear Program," said Bylica.

    Some analysts said that leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran might not be willing to or could not make an important decision concerning nuclear negotiation prior to presidential election this June. 

    Reuters | Abdul Manan