North Korea Threatened to Attack Without Warning

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  • TEMPO.COSeoul - North Korea threatened that it would not give an early warning before attacking South Korea. "Our retaliation will commence without any notification," Pyongyang claimed in a statement published by KCNA,North Korea official news agency, Tuesday (16/4).

    North Korea stated that the retaliation is a respond to a rally against North Korea held by “puppet authorities” in South Korea. The statement was issued a day after a birthday celebration of Kim Il Sung, the founding father of North Korea and an important figure behind the Korean War. The North considered the rally as an insult dedicated to them.

    Kim Min-seok, a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense, stated that the threat is regrettable. He added that amidts the rising concern about the North’s ballistic missile test, South Korea continues to monitor the North military movements.

    CNN | TRIP B