US and China Join Forces to Secure the Cyberspace

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  • TEMPO.CO, Beijing – The United States (US) and China have agreed to establish a work group on cyber-security. US Secretary of State John Kerry said that both parties decided to alleviate years of tensions and accusations between the two nations.

    Beijing and Washington have traded accusations related to hacking activities in recent months. The accusations started when a cyber security research agency reported that Chinese secret military unit was responsible for hacking US government and corporate computer networks, in an attempt to steal government and commercial data.

    On the other hand, China claimed to be hacked thousand times by the United States. Last Month, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang urged both parties to stop accusing each other.

    Speaking to reporters in Beijing during his visit to China, last Saturday (13/4) Kerry stated that both countries have agreed to immediately improve cyber security. The White House sees cyber security as a national security priority because it affects financial sector and banking transactionsin addition to other aspects in this modern age.

    Previously, China's official news agency Xinhua quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who told Kerry that China and the United States should join forces in safeguarding the cyberspace. “The cyberspace is an area where both countries can improve trust and cooperation,” said Wang.