Thursday, 21 November 2019

Wan Mins Testimony is a Blow to Imam Samudera

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Bali Police filed the investigation report into Bali bombing suspect Imam Samudera to the Bali High Prosecutors Office on Wednesday (19/2). The 1,501-page official report also contained testimony by Malaysian entrepreneur Wan Min alias Wan Mat regarding funds totaling US$35,500 (about Rp312 million) given to Imam Samudera. Wan Min was questioned in a jail in Malaysia, but we put [his testimony] in the report, said acting spokesperson of the Bali bombing case Y. Suyatmo. When questioned whether Imam had confirmed Wan Mins testimony, Suyatmo said that his confirmation was not necessary as the transfer of the funds had been proved. In addition, he admitted that he was responsible for the bombing so that he was therefore responsible for the finance too, said Suyatmo. Wan Min gave the funds to Mukhlas alias Ali Gufron, another Bali bombing suspect. Mukhlas then passed the funds to Idris who transferred them to Samudera. Samudera then gave of the funds to Amrozi to buy explosive materials. As stated in the official report, Imam has been charged of violating Government Regulation 1/2002, articles 6, 13, and 14, which are to do with eradicating terrorism, as well as Government Regulation 2/2002, article 1, which related to eradicating terrorism in the Bali bombing. Article 14 states that the maximum punishment for this is the death sentence. Other than Wan Min, about 112 witnesses have provided testimony about Imam Samudera and other 11 suspects. Suyatmo said the report does not explain relationship between Imam Samudera and Abu Bakar Baasyir in detail. It merely states [their relationship] briefly. For instance, about their meeting in Malaysia, he said. He explained, there is another team involved in the investigation into Baasyir. (Rofiqi Hasan)