Indonesian Digital Creators Seek Creative Commons License

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: A group of digital creative experts in Indonesia announced that it is working to obtain an international license to protect digitally stored or generated works from the San Fransisco-based Creative Commons International.Project leader of Creative Commons Indonesia Ari Juliano Gema said the group have been working for about eight months so far and set to convey their plans to local authorities. Ari said, We are working to get the license for Indonesia, while stressing that the license could not be issued without legal support from the public and Indonesian government.He said his group will meet authorities with the police department, prosecutors office and the justice department to get their approval before filing their request to the Creative Commons.Creative Commons, Ari explained is a form of middle course between the hardline strict copyright law and the liberal side which allows all purpose of public use on digitally stored and generated works.The group was very positive on the possibility of endorsement from local authority on their plan as the group said the license does not contradict local copyright law.ANWAR SISWADI