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Here are the Signs You're Mentally Exhausted

31 May 2023 13:26 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Mental fatigue is a condition in which a person feels emotionally exhausted due to the many conditions that occur in their life. Anyone can experience mental fatigue.

Quoting Healthline, mental tends to refer to cognitive skills, such as thinking, remembering, making decisions, and solving problems. Emotional on the other hand deals with feelings, including the ability to identify, process and express them.

Mental fatigue can occur when the brain receives too many stimuli or has to maintain an intense level of activity without rest. According to WebMD. Here are some signs a person is experiencing mental exhaustion:

1. Easy to get angry

Mental fatigue can put you in a bad mood. A person can become hot-tempered or irritated and snap at people more often. In addition, it is more difficult to control emotions when mentally hit.

2. Decreased productivity

Everyone's productivity goes up and down. But mental fatigue can make it very difficult to concentrate. It also demotivates and makes it easy to get distracted or start missing deadlines. Even small tasks seem overwhelming.

3. Trouble sleeping

Someone is easier to sleep when the brain is tired. But that doesn't always happen. People who have jobs with a high cognitive workload have more insomnia symptoms than those who don't have jobs that are mentally exhausting. Lack of closing eyes can exacerbate mental fatigue.

4. Depression

Having no energy or feeling like you're moving in slow motion. Some people say they feel numb. It can make it difficult to get work done or do everyday activities.

Additionally, a person with mental exhaustion will have feelings of extreme low or a sense of hopelessness for more than two weeks. It could be a sign of more serious depression.

5. Messy Diet

Mental fatigue can affect appetite in many ways. Snacking more than usual and not paying attention to what you eat. Stress can also make you crave sweet, salty or fatty foods even when you're not hungry at all.


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