6 Things to Do to Help Prevent Typhoid Fever



26 January 2023 12:50 WIB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaTyphoid fever is a disease that occurs as a result of an unclean environment. The condition is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria contamination and can be transmitted through water, food, and saliva from people with typhoid.

Typhoid spreads through contaminated food or drink, entering bacteria through dirty hands, or water waste. However, this disease is not transmitted through other patients. Unless there is contact with the former or leftover food the patient has consumed.

Quoting from the website page of the Mayo Clinic, two vaccines can prevent someone from getting typhoid. The vaccine can be injected when travelling to areas where food and water are contaminated with Salmonella typhi.

- One injection is given as a single injection at least one week before travel.

- Another one is given orally in four capsules, of which one capsule is taken twice a day.

Because the vaccines cannot provide complete protection, several things can be done to prevent typhoid fever, such as:

1. Washing hands

Frequent hand washing with hot water and soap is the best way to manage the infection. Wash before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet. Carry alcohol-based hand sanitiser just in case when water isn't available.

2. Avoid drinking untreated water

Contaminated water is a particular problem in endemic areas with typhoid fever. Therefore, drink bottled water or canned or carbonated drinks in packs, or wine, and beer. Carbonated bottled water is safer than non-carbonated one.

3. Ask for drinks without ice

Use bottled water to brush your teeth, and avoid swallowing the water while showering.

4. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables

Since raw products may have been washed in contaminated water, avoid fruits and vegetables that cannot be peeled, especially lettuce. To be completely safe, a person must completely avoid raw foods.

5. Choose hot food

Avoid foods that are stored or served at room temperature. Steaming the food is the best method to make it hot. Although there is no guarantee that food served in restaurants will be safe, it is still best to avoid food from street vendors as it is likely prone to bacteria.

6. Know where the nearest health facility 

Search for any medical care in the area before planning to visit, and bring along the name, addresses, and phone numbers of recommended doctors.


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