4 Reasons Sugarcane Water is the Best Drink for Weight Loss



22 November 2022 10:46 WIB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBesides being refreshing and quenching thirst, drinking sugarcane juice is believed to help lose weight for it is known to contain natural sugars that can provide an energy boost.

Sugarcane juice contains 111 calories per glass (250-300 millilitres), which includes healthy carbohydrates (27 grams), protein (0.27 grams), and small but significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Discussing about weight loss, Sugar cane is harmless for the body, even though its main ingredient is sugar. Each day the body requires a certain minimum amount of sugar to help maintain the level of glucose.

The sugar itself must be healthy and not processed like those sold on the market. Sugarcane juice is a good choice to complete daily needs and does not contain empty calories.

According to The Times of India, there are four reasons why sugarcane juice can help lose weight:

1. Rich in fibre

Dietary fibre is essential for any plan for weight loss. If during on a diet and didn't consume enough fibre, the chances of constipation are higher. Sugarcane juice contains a lot of fibre which helps to get rid of this problem.

2. Increase metabolism

The science of metabolism is simple. The higher the energy level, the more caloric expenditure. Weight loss is a game of calories in and calories out. Sugarcane helps boost metabolism, increases activity levels and hence accelerates weight loss.

3. Good for the digestive system

Formation and excretion within the system are very necessary for a healthy body. Due to the rich fibre content, sugarcane juice enables proper digestion as well.

4. Zero fat

Sugarcane juice has a high sugar content, but zero amount of fat. Processed juices sold in the market contain unneeded empty calories and unhealthy fats which can cause an increase in visceral fat (fat around the organs).

If the fat around the organs is high, the chances of permanent weight loss are smaller. Therefore, a glass of sugarcane juice once a day would not be a problem.

The best time to consume sugarcane juice is right after exercising or out in the heat for too long. This is because sugarcane juice will help replace lost sodium chloride in the body. One glass of sugarcane juice every day is enough.


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