4 Best Drinks to Prevent Dehydration



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe weather in parts of Indonesia is recently scorching hot, causing people to be at higher risk of dehydration which may lead to heat exhaustion, cramping, shock, kidney failure, and other serious problems.

    Drinking plenty of fluids is vital to prevent dehydration and helps the body function as it should. As compiled from Taste of Home and Epicurious, there are a variety of drinks to keep you hydrated:

    1. Water

    Water is one of the best drinks to prevent dehydration. Other than increasing concentration and maintaining healthy skin, water keeps your body hydrated. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day.

    1. Milk

    It is false that milk can dehydrate as it is thicker than water. In fact, milk helps maintain fluid in your body and contains protein to keep you fueled on hot days. It is also rich in calcium and vitamin D.

    1. Fruit juice

    Fruit juice is super hydrating as it contains about 85 percent water. However, avoid fruit juices that are high in sugar which can inhibit hydration. It is better to make your own fruit juice at home without added sugar.

    1. Coconut water

    Coconut water is better than fruit juice for its 95 percent water content. It is nature’s version of a sports drink that helps replace the water you're losing by sweating under hot weather.

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