3 Indonesians Who Flee to Singapore Over Corruption Charges



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia and Singapore have officially signed a bilateral agreement on extradition on January 25. The next step is lawmakers ratifying the agreement to legalize the move that would help law enforcers capture criminals who have fled the country. 

    Singapore is one of the most favorable destinations for Indonesians who have been charged for a crime and flee justice in Indonesia. Throughout history, there have been a number of suspects of corruption or graft who chose to flee to Singapore and evade Indonesia’s law enforcers. 

    The following are the three most notable Indonesian suspects of corruption who have fled to the neighboring country: 

    1. Djoko Tjandra

    Tjandra was known as the president director of contracting firm PT Era Giat Prima in the field of machinery and electrical tools. He was embroiled in a corruption case of Cessie Bank Bali and cost the country Rp546 billion. Djoko Tjandra fled to Singapore with his wealth to evade criminal charges in Indonesia. He even changed citizenship during his days as Indonesia’s fugitive. 

    1. Gayus Tambunan

    The corruption case committed by Gayus Tambunan once filled national headlines in 2011 when he was charged in a corruption case involving tax manipulation he committed while working at the tax office. Gayus evaded arrest multiple times and was once caught on camera casually watching a sports game in Bali. He was eventually captured in Singapore.

    1. Nunun Nurbaeti

    Nunung Nurbaeti, a wife of former National Police Deputy Chief Commissioner General Adang Daradjatun, was once involved in a bribery case in the election of Bank Indonesia Senior Deputy, Miranda Gultom. Law enforcers proved that Nunun had bribed a number of House of Representatives (DPR) legislators to have Gultom win the election. Nunun escaped to Singapore once she was charged for graft. In her arrest, Nunun claimed it was not an attempt to flee but rather to seek health treatment. 

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