Covid-19 Case Surge; Task Force Requests Regions to Monitor Health Protocols



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia's Covid-19 Task Force spokesman, Wiku Adisasmito, has requested the regional task force to monitors the implementation of health protocols in the public following the recent case surge.

    "We've asked the regional task force, public facilities, and transportation management to strictly discipline people in wearing masks and avoiding crowds," said Wiku when contacted on Thursday, January 27.

    He asked the task force and everyone to remind each other to be disciplined in upholding health protocols for mutual benefits. Furthermore, he said the government would restrict mobility if cases continue to rise and rampant.

    On Wednesday, January 26, Indonesia logged an addition of 7,010 Covid-19 cases, almost doubled the previous day which only reached 4,878 cases.

    According to the task force data, Jakarta became the number one region with average daily cases of 3,509. Followed by West Java and Banten with 1,619 and 1,133 cases, respectively.

    Other regions also recorded additional cases, yet are under 1,000; East Java with 238 cases, Bali with 138 cases, Central Java with 111 cases, and other regions all are below 30 cases.

    The cases surged since Omicron entered Indonesia last December. Wiki said the new variant transmits easily compared to others and therefore, early prevention by individuals is necessary.

    In addition to monitoring people's discipline, the government also attempted to anticipate transmission by adding facilities for quarantine, isolation, and treatment.

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    MAYA AYU PUSPITA SARI | Graven (Intern)