2 Key Aspects to Revive Tourism



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The tourism industry is one of the most affected business sectors by the Covid-19 pandemic which has lasted nearly two years. However, this multi-million dollar industry is starting to adapt to the public restrictions and rise again.

    Busyra Oryza, corporate senior manager of travel app PegiPegi, recalled the moments when the pandemic struck Indonesia in 2020 which inflicted great instability to the tourism industry. 

    “The sudden decline of tourists during the pandemic was momentous. Many people canceled their vacations,” said Oryza in an online talk show hosted by Tempo on Friday, January 14. “Demands dropped. To see 100 transactions in a day was already a relief at that time.”

    However, Indonesia’s tourism industry is no stranger to fluctuation prior to the global pandemic as the Bali bombing tragedies in 2002 and 2005, the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S., and other multiple natural disasters that disrupted tourism for a certain period but would eventually recover.

    On a normal day, travel cancellations would only amount to 5 percent, but in the early days of the pandemic, nearly 90 percent of customers that have booked transportation tickets and accommodations canceled their plans. 

    He believes there are two key aspects that will help the tourism industry return to its normal glory, which involves suppressed number of Covid-19 cases and loosened mobility restrictions. 

    “We have now survived those moments,” Oryza said. “As long as the number of cases remains low and restrictions are slack, tourism will rise again, either in travel or hotels. Especially in 2022, we foresee the tourism industry is starting to gain traction again.”

    The PegiPegi senior manager argues that the wide array of international events such as the Mandalika MotoGP race, G20 Summit in Bali scheduled to be held in Indonesia this year will help reignite the economy, and eventually tourism. 

    “We are optimistic that 2022 will reignite Indonesia’s economy through tourism,” he added.

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