3 Important Substances for Curing Acne

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  • Illustration of a woman pinching an acne on her chin. Freepik.com/gpointstudio

    Illustration of a woman pinching an acne on her chin. Freepik.com/gpointstudio

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaAcne is among the most common skin issues experienced by many, from teenagers to adults are not exempt from it. The causes may vary, pollution, skin conditions to stress yet curing it poses a different challenge for people.

    Beauty and Acne Expert, Zaida Gordan shared a few tips on handling this issue. "We urge people to seek professional skin treatment for comfort and safety," she said, as quoted from Mind Body Green.

    3 Substances to treat acne:


    "We use many exfoliating effective and soft chemicals that won't peel the skin but expose the clean skin underneath, such as mandelic acid. This acid will dissolve dead skin cells on the surface and cleanse the skin," said her.

    However, despite her words, the exfoliating substance must not be a physical one, such as scrub as it might create a micro tear on the skin and lead to skin inflammation.

    -Vitamin A

    The favourite substance to combat acne is the retinol, or derivatives of Vitamin A, as it works to lessen flammation and speed up skin regeneration and additionally relieve fine lines and firms' loss.

    "We like multi-tasking products and for someone with blackheads, clogged pores and other signs of ageing, retinol is effective. I personally use it almost every night," said the expert.

    -Mineral Sunscreen

    Additionally, Gordon recommended sunscreen to her clients. This recommendation was made by herself since she had seen her own mother, who has beautiful skin, would apply sunscreen on her skin. Sunscreen itself can soothe the skin, even zinc oxide is able to cure acne according to a research.

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