Clash in Maluku's Haruku Island; 1 Police Evacuated due to Gunshot Wound



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaOne member of the Haruku Island Police identified as Brigadier FH was evacuated to the Bhayangkara Tantui Hospital in Ambon, Maluku after handling clashes between residents. He was reported to have suffered a gunshot wound.

    “Both of the victim's cheeks were pierced by bullets due to the action of an unknown person during a clash between residents of Ori and Kariu Villages, Haruku Island District, Central Maluku Regency,” said the Ambon Island Police spokesman First Inspector Leatemia, Wednesday, January 26.

    According to him, the Ambon Island Police Chief, Sr. Comr. Raja Arthur Lumongga in tandem with the Ambon Island Regional Military 1504 Commander Col (Inf) Ch. Soumokil made today a sudden visit to Haruku Island. “We are preparing to send security teams to increase the strength of the Haruku Island Police,” said Leatemia.

    A clash reportedly broke out on Haruku Island, Central Maluku Regency. The dispute between residents of two neighboring villages was said to have caused fire burdening a number of houses in Kairu Village. “The chronological report on the dispute has not yet been submitted by the Sector Police,” Leatemia added.

    A resident of Kariu Village, JL, was also reported to have suffered injuries at his back allegedly attacked by two perpetrators during the clash. He was undergoing medical treatment at the Bhayangkara Tantui Hospital, Ambon.

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