Counterterrorism Agency Says 364 Suspected Terrorists Nabbed in 2021



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) head Boy Rafli Amar in a meeting with Commission III of the House of Representatives on Tuesday said 16 out of 364 people nabbed over terrorism allegations in 2021 were affiliated to Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

    The now-defunct mass organization, according to the BNPT head, had conducted activities that are similar to what is committed by ISIS, especially in terms of spreading videos that are deemed a threat to national safety. 

    “There are clips depicting people seemingly in training for or conducting activities similar to ISIS-related acts,” said the BNPT head to Commission III legislators on January 25. 

    He asserted that due to this matter, the government opines what FPI leaders say and do confirm their opinion about the organization; that it causes more harm to society than benefits. 

    However, he also mentioned the humanitarian activities that members of FPI had done in the past and to some extent, continue to do currently. 

    "We know that FPI's activities are related to humanitarian actions and so on. But the solicitation and words that they use can change the character of the young generation who join or watch the videos," Amar said. 

    Other terrorist suspects arrested in 2021 were also affiliated with other radical groups such as Jamaah Islamiyah, JAD, and MIT.  Out of the 364 arrested, 332 are being investigated by Indonesia’s counterterrorism squad, Densus 88.

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