Govt to Include Cyber Sexual Violence in RUU TPKS



Laila Afifa

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  • Hacking illustration. Shutterstock

    Hacking illustration. Shutterstock

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Deputy V of Presidential Staff Office, Jaleswari Pramowardhani, stated that the government will support the inclusion of cyber sexual assaults in the sexual violence crime bill (RUU TPKS).

    "Sexual violence in the digital world often happened. Therefore, it must be regulated by the law," stated Jaleswari on Thursday, January 20.

    She said the public is worried about sexual abuse in the virtual space. According to data from the Women's Commission, there was a rise in sexual cases from 241 to 940.

    Jaleswari concluded that sexual violence in cyberspace is not only about online abuse, but also the acts of deceiving, hacking, digital content, breaching of privacy and threat of photo or video publication.

    Furthermore, most victims are teenagers and the perpetrator is someone close to them such as boyfriends/ girlfriends or exes. Therefore, the RUU TPKS task force ensured to include cyber sexual violence into the bill.

    Jaleswari also said the victims' protection will be prioritized and the sentence for the perpetrators will be maximized. The important thing is, she went on, the proof. "When reporting, voice record or videotape can be used as proofs."

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    FRISKI RIANA | Graven (Intern)