Jakarta Reopens 28 Schools for Full On-site Learning



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Deputy Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, said 43 schools had been shut down due to Covid-19 finding during the full on-site learning, known as PTM 100%.

    That figure is the total amount since the first school was closed. From that number, 28 schools have been reopened and the other 15 are still closed. "Until January 18, 10:00 Western Indonesia Time, 43 Schools host full PTM (on-site learning)," said the deputy at the City Hall, Central Jakarta on Wednesday, January 19.

    Meanwhile, the number of students infected by the virus went up from 62 to 67, and the number of educators and staff infected by Covid remains the same, which are 2 educators and 3 staff members.

    Riza stated that the data was accumulated from January 8 until this morning; with the average case finding in schools is 1 to 2 cases. "It showed the transmission didn't happen at the school, but at home or on the way to school."

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    LANI DIANA WIJAYA | Graven (Intern)