Jakarta Provides Booster Shots for Both Residents, Non-residents



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Jakarta health office Widyastuti in a written statement on Wednesday said the city's booster vaccination program also applies to people without Jakarta ID cards, and that non-residents can receive their doses in health facilities that participate.

    "Non-Jakarta ID cardholders are not required to attach a letter proving their origin before getting their booster shot," her statement reads on January 12.

    Widyastuti assured people that every health facility in the capital city is able to conduct the vaccination. 

    She reminded the public to print out their third dose vaccination tickets before going to a vaccination center, as it would help reduce queuing in vax centers.

    "For the meantime, vaccine tickets are only issued for a portion of the elderly group in the PeduliLindungi app," said Widyastuti.

    The type of vaccine used in the booster program will depend on the availability of the vaccines across community health centers (Puskesmas). However, based on the guidance of the Indonesian Health Ministry, the combinations are as follow:

    - Sinovac for 1st and 2nd doses -> Booster vaccine: half a dose of Pfizer (0,15cc)

    - Sinovac for 1st and 2nd doses -> Booster vaccine: half a dose of AstraZeneca (0,25cc)

    - AstraZeneca for 1st and 2nd doses -> Booster: half a dose of Modern (0,25cc)

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