Police Nab Musician Ardhito Pramono for Drug Possession



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Actor and musician Ardhito Pramono was nabbed by the West Jakarta Resort Police Narcotics Investigation Unit. The singer of "Bitter Sweet" was arrested for drug possession.

    The police previously only released the name of the arrested actor with the initial AP.  "Yes, AP (Ardhito Pramono)," said the Public Relations Chief of Jakarta Metro Police, Sr. Commissioner Endra Zulpan when contacted on Wednesday, January 12.
    In the meantime, Chief of Narcotics Investigation Unit of West Jakarta Resort Police, Adj. Sr. Commissioner Danang Setiyo explained that Ardhito was arrested at his house in East Jakarta. The police have confiscated marijuana, but Danang did not detail the arresting time and the amount of confiscated item. 
    Previously, West Jakarta Resort Police Chief, Sr. Commissioner Ady Wibowo stated that his force has arrested a movie actor and musician with the initials AP. He explained that AP (Ardhito Pramono) is a public figure, movie lead actor, songwriter and singer.
    M JULNIS FIRMANSYAH | Grraven (Intern)