3 UNICEF Suggestions on Self Care for Parents to Make Children Happy

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  • Illustration of a parent and a child. Freepik.com/Prostoleh

    Illustration of a parent and a child. Freepik.com/Prostoleh

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The United Nation's International Children's Emergency Fund or UNICEF for short, is an organization under the United Nation which focused on children's wellbeing and condition.

    UNICEF focus is not limited to the children, but also the parents. Because the wellbeing of the parents can be the determiner for the children's very own.

    On UNICEF's official website, the councillor gives tips to parents on how to apply self-care in managing stress. Lisa Damour, a psychologist, writer and mother from the U.S.A. said that the parent's mental state and the atmosphere at home can influence children's happiness, especially during the pandemic. "When the parents can care for themselves, it means they can better take care of the children," said Lisa.

    Pandemic forced activities to be done from home. Whether it's studying, working, eating, playing and therefore the atmosphere at home greatly influence the residents' behaviour and happiness.

    According to Lisa, the parents are the one who creates that atmosphere, and if they feel stressed and tired from their activities, it's going to be difficult in creating positive vibes in the house.

    The following are Lisa Damour's tips for parents' self-care:

    - Receives Support

    Make sure each parent receives good social support whether it's from the partner, parents, friends, neighbours or communities. With good support, parents will feel more at ease to talk and share each others' problems and provides tips to help each other out.

    - Amusement

    Lisa Damour reminds the importance of the parents' amusement for happiness or as calls it "happy distraction" or me-time. The point is, how the parents can enjoy doing what they like, such as paintings, sports or other activities they enjoy. "Parents need to recharge their energy and mind so they will have a positive energy when taking care of the children," said the psychologist.

    - Healthy Body

    During pandemics, health is of the utmost importance. The parents have to be physically healthy, get enough sleep, exercise, consume healthy food etc. When parents can live healthily, the children will imitate the same positive behaviour.

    Lisa said children will learn to overcome their challenges by imitating what they have learned from their parents. Treat yourself nicely is a good example for children to follow.

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