How to Make an Easy Resume in Microsoft Word


12 January 2022 05:45 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In 2022, most millennials would have already reached their twenties and perhaps graduated from either high school or college.

Graduation is often associated with the next step of entering adulthood. And when you talk about adults, you're going to be relating them to jobs.

Most job employment often listed several requirements if one were to apply and one of them is a Resume, or a CV. As quoted from Undercover Recruiter, a CV has been used since 1950 as part of the recruitment process.

A CV, or Curriculum Vitae is a document that contains your personal information. Starting from DOB, address, accomplishments, experiences etc.

Many have tried to design their CV with their creativity using various tools and among the most used tools is Microsoft Word.

Quoted from, this default typing application has a feature that provides a CV template. First, run Microsoft Word on your computer. Next, choose the file option bar on the top left corner, then choose new.

After that, a pop-up box will be shown, indicating which types of documents will be used. There is a range of varieties you can choose from. Choose the CV or Resume template.

For the final touch, simply change all the listed information to fit your description, adds personal information etc. For further tips, consider visiting Youtube as it contains tons of interesting ways to beautify your resume.

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