Rape Defendant Herry Wirawan Charged with Death Penalty



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe West Java High Prosecutor Office is charging Herry Wirawan (36), defendant of rape against 13 students of the Islamic boarding school in West Java, with the death penalty and chemical castration. 

    The High Prosecutor’s Head Office Asep N. Mulyana argues that the maximum punishment fits the heinous crime committed by Wirawan who caused a number of his female students, who were mostly underaged at the time, to carry their child to birth. 

    “First, we are charging the defendant with the death penalty as evidence and our commitmnet to present a deterrent effect for the perpetrator,” said Asep at the Bandung State Administrative Court in West Java on January 11, Antaranews reported.

    Besides the death penalty, prosecutors are seeking to charge Herry Wirawan with additional charges such as paying a Rp500 million fine and ordering the defendant to compensate victims for losses up to Rp331 million for the suffering felt by the victims. 

    Additional charges include declaring and distributing his identity to the public and also charging him to be chemically castrated. 

    The death penalty, according to Mulyana, fits the crime Wirawan committed by abusing his power in the Islamic boarding school that he led. "The defendant's actions not only affect the victims physically, but also the psychological aspects and emotions of the students as a whole," the prosecutor added. 

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